Did you know Botetourt County was founded nearly 250 years ago? That’s right! We’re about to celebrate 250 years of Botetourt County’s history. Plans are underway to hold various celebrations, exhibits and events around the county to highlight and teach Botetourt’s heritage in the region.

You may not realize that Botetourt County is, in fact, one of the oldest established communities in our region, as it was formed by the House of Burgesses in 1770. In those days, Botetourt County was vast, including territory that covers seven present-day states. In fact, Roanoke County was later formed out of Botetourt County.

The history of Botetourt County is fascinating, and there are historic sites across the county that will help you learn more and gain a deeper appreciation for the pioneers of this beautiful region. I’ve listed a few here:

Botetourt County Historical Society, Inc & Museum

3 W. Main St.

Fincastle, VA 24090


The historical society houses exhibits, publications, photos, journals, records, artifacts and more related to Botetourt County’s history and heritage.

Buchanan Swinging Bridge

19908 Main St.

Buchanan, VA 24066


The bridge is so important to Buchanan’s history that it’s displayed on the town seal! The bridge is the only one of its kind to cross the James River and parts of it were originally built in 1851.

Historic Fincastle, Inc.

20 W. Main St.

Fincastle, VA 24090


Fincastle was chartered in 1772, so it’s filled with pre-Civil War history. Historic Fincastle, Inc., works to preserve this history and offers walking tours of the town.


99 Housman St.

Fincastle, VA 24090

Listed on the National Historic Registry, Santillane was once the home of the wife of William Clark, the pioneer and explorer.

In addition to Santillane, Botetourt County boasts nearly two dozen sites listed on the National Historic Registry. They are:

  1. Fincastle Historic District

  2. Callie Furnace

  3. Santillane

  4. Phoenix Bridge

  5. Wilson Warehouse

  6. Looney Mill Creek Site

  7. Prospect Hill

  8. Nininger’s Mill

  9. Breckenridge Mill

  10. Roaring Run Furnace

  11. Bessemer Archaeological Site

  12. Wiloma

  13. Wheatland Manor

  14. Annandale

  15. Varney’s Falls Dam and Lock

  16. Anderson House

  17. Buchanan Historic District

  18. Bower/Holladay House

  19. Catawba Furnace

  20. Hawthorne Hall

  21. Thomas D. Kinzie House

  22. Greyledge

Visit Botetourt County’s website for a map of these sites.

It’s Botetourt County’s people who have written its history. If your family’s history includes buying or selling a home in Botetourt County, let’s talk. I’m happy to help with all your real estate needs. Contact me today at dayna@patrickteamhomes.com or 540-342-9600!